_the future of design and the design of the future_

How could a systemic and iterative research about religion lead designer-maker to borrow and adapt religious signs, holy symbols, and ritualized codes in order to explore their own discipline and practice?

By definition, design practices are constantly re-defining themself and so evolve over time. In a sense, designers contibute to shape the future of design and their own.
How could current design practices and practitioners participate in the future of design?

By designing seven artefacts acting like tools for measure and awaking contemplation, the project's concept and purpose was to stimulate debate and emulate designers


This tool, like a stamp, is here to help you to measure and evaluate your success or the success of your project. The stain left behind is here to tell you how far you can be able to go for your own success. Of course, the imprint could also represent how much energy you want to invest in order to see your project succeed.

double-edge sword


This half hour-glass device aims to give a reflection about your ethical considerations by giving a colour shade. By adding more or less ink into the water, the paper gets more or less stained by the black ink. The device reveals a projective drawing about the degree of the ethical considerations you took or are taking for your project or yourself. However, how far are you going to be ethical for your project sake or for your own success?

devil’s advocate


This set of triangle rings is representing how much freedom you have while doing a project. The more you have rings and more the rings are thick and dark, the more your freedom is diminished, physically and conceptually. As always, how far are you going to alter your autonomy in order to be ambitious in your project, or achieve your own motivations?

blessing in disguise


The passion measurement tool appears in the form of a candle. This tetrahedral taper evaluates the time you are spending on a project: more the candle burns, more the time runs. In that way, this canddle stick also shows your personal investment, your passion, your enthusiasm and motivation.

drastic times call for drastic measures


This tool, similar to a fingerprinting device, adds its utility in the evaluation of your originality, that is to say, how much the project belongs to you and/or how much you are at the origin of it. And so, how could you distinguish inspiration from originality? Where does your ideas come from? Are you ready to assume a greater team work and/or the continuity of existing works?

a penny for your thoughts


This honesty measurement tool is a set of three different triangles, with various sizes and shades from crystal clear to opaque black. Those three triangle lenses are an abstract representation of your sincerity, of the clearness, of the real aim behind your project, and of your authentic endeavour. How do you see your project and yourself? Be honest.

actions speak louder than words

critical sense7

What about your critical sense? The tool here is a weighing scale to help you evaluate and juggle between the pros and cons. Maybe the toughest of the seven values, this device aims to help you to nuance, balance and critic your ideas. In that way, this tool comes to help you to evaluate the advantage and disadvantage of your project. You MUST find enough arguments on both sides. If not, review your project again.

method to my madness

You can download instructions to get more information about each artefacts

Project developed at MA Material Futures with Dr. Austin Houldsworth. (2017)